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Kali the Goddess...Fiery & Fierce

The Hindu goddess, Kali, often depicted with deep blue skin, long black hair and a chain of skulls around her neck - is one of my favorite deities to connect with. Her energy is unapologetic - fierce, courageous and wild. She can help us cut away what no longer serves us. She can lead us through powerful change. Kali's essence is the unconditionally loving mother - she allows us to open up to the truth within ourselves - without apologizing for who we are.

In my experience, Kali has helped me face some of my biggest fears - looking at them dead in the eye.

In those moments of deep confrontation - I felt protected and supported by her energy. She has helped me connect to my own inner strength and fierceness.

What I love most about Kali is that she gives me permission to be the fiery woman that I am.

My Sacred Ritual to Connect With Kali

1. Sit in a comfortable meditative position (on the floor or in a chair) with your eyes closed.

2. Light a red candle. This represents Kali's fire.

3. "Thank you, Kali for reminding me of your presence. Thank you for your fierceness, your courage, your wildness, your strength. Thank you for helping me to face my fears. Thank you for protecting me. Thank you for helping me to connect to my own inner strength".

4. Recite the Kali mantra either 54 or 108 times.



You can follow along with the link below...


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