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Happy New Year! Some of My Intentions For 2024.

I share this with the hope that some of you can relate...

My first intention is to start this year gently.

I really wanted to approach my 2024 intentions differently this year. (Notice that I didn't call them resolutions!) I wanted to approach them in a gentle way - rather than from a place of "you should do better!" or "you're lacking ____!" or "you need to fix_____."

I wanted to approach myself and this year ahead in a loving and compassionate way. Deep down, I know that's what I truly need.

2023 brought some difficult endings - the silver lining was personal growth and an elevated perspective about my life.

One thing that I realized is that any form of "success" really starts with valuing myself and my own worth.

For me, success really comes from within - believing in my own value is more important that any outward success that I may receive.

I hope that my intentions (below) reflect this...

2024 Reflections in no particular order. (I would love to hear yours, too!)

-Spending more time in nature

-Practicing gratitude daily

-Releasing the past

-Reducing screen time

-Spending more time with my soul family and meeting new members!

-Healthy boundaries and saying "NO"

-Eating and enjoying nourishing and delicious meals with friends

-Spending more time creating (writing, poetry, art) and DANCING!

Please share your intentions in the comments or in a reply email. I would love to hear them!

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Wishing you a joyful and healthy 2024 filled with adventure and lots of LOVE!

Gillian xo


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