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Meditation For The Positive Mind

I came home today feeling anxious. Like my mind was racing in a hundred different directions. I felt myself getting emotional so I took a few deep breaths and decided to do a Kundalini Meditation. Yogi Bhajan, Kundalini Yoga Master, taught this Meditation in one of his lectures - it's called "Meditation For The Positive Mind". This practice is meant to open the heart centre and feelings of the positive self.

You start by sitting up on cushion, making sure the spine is straight. For the mudra (hand gesture) you keep your peace fingers straight, curling your ring fingers and pinky fingers into your palms and bending your thumbs over top of them to lock them into place. ✌🏻Bring the arms so that the elbows are by the sides and the hands are by the shoulders. Close your eyes and focus on the space between your eyebrows. The third-eye, or the 6th chakra, Ajna. This will be a focal point for your attention. Create a steady, slow and complete breath. Repeat slowly to yourself or out loud the mantra ----> Saa taa naa maa "I meditate on Truth, Truth that I am". Meditate for at least 11 minutes. 🙏 Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments. Love you all 😘❤️

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