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Delicious, dairy-free potato salad!

If you’re looking for something healthy, light and delicious to bring to a picnic or a potluck, look no further! This recipe is full of flavour without any of the heavy stuff. I added the ingredients to taste (eyeballed most of them) but I recommend using equal parts lemon juice and olive oil for the dressing. I tossed the cucumber, chives and sprouts in the dressing first and added the potatoes last. I hope you enjoy this dish I much as I did!

Salad ingredients

Potatoes of your choice, diced. Boil for 10-15 minutes and set aside. Make sure you don’t overcook or you’ll have a mashed potato salad

English cucumber, diced.

Chives, chopped.

Sprouts of your choice


Dijon mustard (I used lots!)

Garlic (I used one clove and chopped it into the smallest pieces I could. Note: I don’t have a garlic press!)

Lemon zest from two organic lemons (I HIGHLY recommend using organic lemons. They are MUCH sweeter and smoother tasting).

Lemon juice from two organic lemons

Olive Oil (portion equal to the lemon juice)

Nutritional Yeast (for the “cheesy” flavour)

Fresh or dried Dill

Salt and Pepper

Mix all dressing ingredients. Add cucumber, chives and sprouts. Toss well. Add cooked diced potatoes. Toss and serve!

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