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The Single Biggest Lesson Yoga Has Taught Me

The single biggest teacher in my yoga practice to date has been working through an injury. It forces me so be SO humble every time I get on my mat. Some days I barely have the strength to do anything. Having an injury has taught me not to equate progress in asana with progress along the spiritual path. To practice patience and acceptance. And self love. And most importantly NOT to equate “doing” with self worth.

Having an injury has taught me to detach from progress all together and just BE with myself and my thoughts. The goal is first and foremost to practice without a goal. To practice without any attachment to results. To get on my mat without any expectations. And it’s definitely NOT easy. This experience has taught me to let go and surrender to the practice.

It’s like what Tim Miller said —-> “The practice itself, done consistently, is the real teacher”. Thank you, Ashtanga.

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