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Healthy Diet & Nutrition for Yoga

My number one tip for developing and maintaining a strong, lean, healthy body is to eat as many WHOLE FOODS as possible! Fill up on FRUITS and VEGGIES and never calorie restrict. This means eat until you are FULL! These foods will provide you with all the nutrients you need, along with a clear mind for a strong yoga practice.

I’ll share a secret with you… 80% of my diet is FRUIT! Today, I had datorade (medjool dates and water…soooo delicious) for breakfast, a small watermelon for a mid-morning snack and 10 organic bananas blended with 4 medjool dates for lunch. In the early afternoon I had 4 organic pears for a snack. So, before my dinner, I’d already consumed over 2,000 calories. (You need at least 2,500 per day. This diet gives me the fuel to keep me energized throughout the day!


  • Fruit will give you all the energy you need! High in fructose (natural sugar) that your body needs for FUEL.

  • Fruit is full of fibre and easy to digest. It will prevent bloating and clean out your colon! What are the slowest digesting foods? Meat and Dairy. Animal products back up your system and lead to weight gain and chronic disease.

  • If you eat an abundance of fruits and veggies, you will get ALL the protein you need. We only need 2.5-5% of protein from our total daily caloric intake.

  • This lifestyle is cruelty free! No animals are harmed when you eat a high carb (high fruit) low fat vegan diet! This enables yogis to practice Ahimsa (non-violence), the 1st Yama.

  • Drinking 3-4 liters of water a day will keep your body clean and hydrated.

  • Having a salad with lots of veggies for your dinner along with a cooked carbohydrate (I often bake potato wedges, oil free) will ensure that you are getting all the carbs you need!

  • FRUIT ALL DAY (as much as you like!) followed by a dinner of cooked carbs, such as potatoes, rice, veggies, pasta with a big salad. Note: The majority of your calories should be consumed during the day (FRUIT) but don’t restrict dinner carbs. Eat until you’re FULL!

  • I follow traditional food combining rules pretty closely. For example, avoid blending acidic fruits, such as oranges, with sweet fruits, such as bananas. This will ensure optimal digestion.

  • Keep your salt intake LOW and always check labels. For example, if you’re buying canned whole tomatoes, make sure there is NO SALT ADDED.

  • Eliminate the oil! Cook veggies the healthy saute method. (With water or no salt added veggie broth). When I bake potato wedges, I used parchment paper instead of using oil.

  • One more thing….your fruit should be extremely RIPE before consumption. Ex. Bananas should be brown and freckled!

Remember, this is NOT a diet, it’s a lifestyle based on consuming a tonne of WHOLE FOODS. 80% CARBOYDRATES, 10% PROTEIN, 10% FAT

Below is an example of what I eat in a typical day!


Datorade! (10-15 organic medjool dates blended with 4-6 cups of water)

Mid Morning

Small organic watermelon (all for me!)

Lunch (or earlier if I’m hungry!)

10 organic bananas blended with 4 organic medjool dates


4 organic bosc pears


Whole wheat (or gluten free) spaghetti with mushrooms, green peppers, zucchini and LOW SODIUM tomato sauce. Yum!

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